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VIA QCITYMETRO Qcitymetro is reporting that Therapy Cafe Closed. A sign on the door is the only notice of it’s closure. The restaurant’s Facebook page does not mention its closure. In fact the last update invited patrons out to its Service Industry Night Event, and that was posted eight hours ago. Therapy’s closure Therapy Café […] reports promoter Christopher Dennis filed a lawsuit against Therapy Café alleging breach of contract. A lawsuit against Therapy Cafe could push private conversations about racism at some uptown establishment into the public arena. The dispute is regarding terms of a deal between Dennis of Circle of Friends Promotions and Therapy during the 2010 CIAA […]

VIA QCITYMETRO Anyone who’s been on Facebook lately has seen emails from Six Figure Entertainment CEO Kirk Brown. The emails titled, “Stop Racial Profiling,” detail Brown’s breakup with Therapy. Apparently, Brown’s business arrangement with the uptown lounge ended acrimoniously. Brown attributes the breakup to racist comments and poor customer service toward black clientele. Therapy’s manager […]