The Most Beautifullest thing In The World Rapper and legend Keith Murray stops by the Radio One Charlotte Social Studios. Our Production Director Jerome Ford and Online Editor J.Belle got to dive in what type of women he likes and what was the inspiration behind the biggest hit of his career. RELATED: Method Man, Redman & […]

The word is out and reportedly its official!!  Eric B and Rakim are reuniting for another album.  Apparently, they worked out their differences and they announced it on twitter.  According to Rolling Stone Magazine, they will also reissue some of their old albums.  I can wait to hear their new music!

Here’s something that will make you proud to drink those extra calories. Sprite has unveiled its inaugural “Obey Your Verse” Lyrical Collection, which are cans featuring inspirational but…

Rakim joins the lists of rappers and singers who have paid homage to the late South African leader Nelson Mandela since his passing on December…

Words By Hafeez Raji Rarely do pioneers stay relevant some twenty-five  years after coming on the scene to redefine a genre as one William Griffin, aka Rakim bka The R. Over two decades ago my only knowledge of hip hop–or better yet “rap”–revolved literally on my first vinyl album, a compilation of the Sugar Hill […]

It was just announced that Eric B. and Rakim have been nominated for the first time to enter The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012. Looks like Eric B.’s daughter Starr Barrier has another announcement to make. She says her father is a deadbeat dad. Starr says her dad Eric B. owes over […]

Rakim, who’s real name is William Michael Griffin, Jr. is known as one of hip hop’s most influential and skilled MCs of all time. Rakim has always been praised for his lyrical content and flow. At the age of 16, William Michael Griffin joined The Nation of Gods and Earths also known as the 5 Percent […]