The first one-on-one debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be on Tuesday, September 29th at 9 PM (ET)  There’s a lot riding on this presidential election.  So, please watch and be informed.  Then, get registered to vote and go out and VOTE!!    

The third and final 2016 debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton felt the most like a real debate. The candidates gave detailed answers regarding their views on everything from gun control and Roe v. Wade to immigration and defense.


Roland Martin and an expert panel of guests dissect the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's remarks regarding race, policing, and healing the racial divide.

Last night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was very spirited!  However, after all of the over talking, clarifications of lies told and straight up jabs…who do you think won last night’s presidential debate?

Donald Trump spewed lethal rhetoric at Monday night's debate, echoing disparaging statements about the Black community and President Barack Obama.

I hope you all will be watching the presidential debate tonight!  This will be the first time Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off, and it is promising to be epic.  The debate will begin tonight (September 26th) at 9pm and will be broadcast live on all the major networks and leading cable sites, […]


New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill revealed investigators will probe family, friends, social media, and Rahami's whereabouts to piece together the chain of events.

While some activists are frustrated with being denied a presidential debate, others are enthusiastic about the town hall's more flexible (and possibly more fruitful) format to address America's racial injustice.

Round 2: Who won the presidential debate? On the left, President Barack Obama and on the right Governor Mitt Romney. President Obama did come out…

Watch as Donald Trump shares his opinions and reactions to the first Presidential debate and the state of the economy with the ladies of ‘The View.’…