President Obama

BET made us smile after a last few days that have been ridden with sadness.

Rose believes that the rape accusations caused indelible harm to his image.

According to reports, an anti-Trump march in Portland quickly escalated into a riot on Thursday. It resulted in 29 arrests.

Scores of New Yorkers took to the streets on Wednesday to express their discontent with Donald Trump's election win.

Obama invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House on Thursday to talk about a “smooth transition of power."

A 12-year-old kid went from having a horrible experience at a Trump rally to meeting the President of the United States in an exciting moment of sheer disbelief.

Updated: President Obama is scheduled to speak at PNC Pavilion at 6 p.m. His arrival is expected to snarl traffic in North Charlotte. Republican nominee Donald Trump will hold a rally in Raleigh on Monday. The race for North Carolina continues to pick up steam with the Charlotte region taking the national spotlight in the […]

Watch POTUS hilariously pop it with Usher and Janelle Monáe at "BET’s Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience" event.

President Obama advocates for My Brother's Keeper initiative. He affirms that the program, which helps young men of color, also benefits the U.S. economy.