Two officers who were involved in the death of Tamir Rice are facing disciplinary charges.

Police fatally shot a 6-year-old child, making Jeremy Mardis the youngest person to be killed by police this year and proving that police practices across the board should be examined, no matter which communities they serve.

Tyrone Howard reportedly dropped to his knees at his arraignment Wednesday night after being charged with first-degree murder and robbery. Howard was on the run since Sept. 1 for a drug-related shooting in the Lower East Side and escaped police ten times.

Christie sent a letter Tuesday to Port Authority chairman John Degnan demanding the return of Joanne Chesimard, known as Assata Shakur. The revolutionary activist was convicted of killing a New Jersey State trooper in 1973.


The crowd at the Million Man March/Justice or Else has been swelling since before sunrise. Now, many thousands. pic.twitter.com/D8Nlr0A6xW — Trymaine Lee (@trymainelee) October 10,…

Michael Slager, the former North Carolina police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott, has been denied in his request for bail.