2/1/17- The People vs Chris Brown? A Hitler copy cat? You have got to hear what comedian Chris Paul has to say about this! Listen below.

1/31/17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul calls Donald Trump’s fingers really small, who he calls the new Stacey Dash and more. Listen below.

1/30/17- Which business is booming since Donald Trump took the office of the President? Find out when you listen below and lean all about the chips that will save your life if you’ve been drinking.

1/27/17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul is calling Kanye West’s crazy contagious and why 7th graders were pretending to be Chrisette Michele. Listen below.  

1/26/17- Comedian Chris Paul thinks that Melania Trump is being tortured. What do you think? Also find out which boxer has a sexy bra in his closet for emergencies.

1/23/17- Comedian Chris Paul has proof that Melania Trump is going to steal from every former First Lady. Find out what Donald Trump lied about this time and Chrisette Michele’s new job! Listen below.

1/20/17- Comedian Chris Paul celebrates the First Families last day in office. Listen to the moving tribute below.

1/18/17- Comedian Chris Paul confirms that white men can indeed jump and he has proof! Also find out how President Obama was able to pardon NFL player Aaron Rodriguez. Listen below.

1/17/17- Why shouldn’t Republicans be worried about Obamacare? Comedian Chris Paul weighs in and he tells why Caitlyn Jenner’s reported nude photo shoot will be sold in the meat section of the grocery store. Listen below.

  1/16/17- Comedian Chris Paul reveals what Donald Trump’s new book will be called and why his MLK Jr. plans being cancelled are a don’t matter much because there are Negroes for sale everywhere. Listen below.

1/13/17- Comedian Chris Paul reveals what honor Donald Trump plans to bestow on Mike Pence and he talks about the artist who is now stealing from Joe Jackson. Listen below.

1/12/17- Get ready for a four year Golden Shower Comedian Chris Paul says and find out who loves his daughter a little more than he probably should. Listen below.