After watching this clip, you better not say the singer and reality star can't blow.

Did Karyn White's ex-husband, Terry Lewis block her from participating in the Babyface tribute?

How many of you guys use to sing to the tune of “Superwoman”? Superwoman herself, Karyn White is now making her comeback with her new album,  “Carpe Diem”-Seize The Day. Listen to the exclusive interview as Old School’s, Star talks to her about  life, struggles, the music industry, daughter, divorce from major Producer/ Songwriter Terry […]

In this latest episode of Face-To-Face tells what motivated her 90s hit. “Secret Rendezvous.” RELATED POSTS: What Do & Bridget Kelly Have In Common? Bridget Kelly Makes A Confession to Karyn White [VIDEO] Karyn White: “Bridget Kelly Is Destined For Stardom!”

You hear a lot about shared experiences that some artists have in music, but what do and Bridget Kelly have in common? Watch the clip to see how these two singers discuss how they were each groomed for success in their formative years. RELATED POSTS: Karyn White: “Bridget Kelly Is Destined For Stardom!” Bridget Kelly […]

In our next installment of “Face-To-Face” singer makes a confession that she got a sneak peek at one of Karyn’s unreleased records. Which one is it? Watch the clip to find out! RELATED POSTS: Karyn White: “Bridget Kelly Is Destined For Stardom!” Patti LaBelle To Ledisi: “You’ll Get Your Lifetime Achievement Award”