Jesse Williams allegedly filed for divorce from his wife Aryn Drakelee-Williams in April, citing irreconcilable differences, The Jasmine Brand exclusively reports. “They’re trying to keep their split top secret and away from the public. They’ve actually been separated for awhile now,” a source told TJB. While Jesse is known for dreamy role on Grey’s Anatomy, […]

After several grueling months of waiting for the official return of ABC’s TGIT line-up, fans were dealt another blow today when it was announced that Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder would not be returning on their scheduled January 19 date, but instead all three have been pushed back an additional […]


A petition was recently launched in an effort to get Williams fired from the ABC show Grey's Anatomy.

Debbie Allen may be a professional, but she’s always got time for a dance break! While running the show on Grey’s Anatomy, Debbie took a moment between scenes to get loose, and Rihanna’s hit “Work” was extactly tune she needed. …And Ellen Pompeo captured all of the glory for Instagram to enjoy. It’s good to […]

That Shonda Rhimes reign just won’t let up. The writer, producer and TV executive has had a hold of our edges and our hearts since her first show, Grey’s Anatomy premiered over 10 years ago! Since then she’s been the only African American woman to have control of an entire evening on a primetime network […] Weeks after her husband’s death, Iman breaks her silence. The legendary model shared a message with the world after her husband of 24 years, David Bowie, passed away due to a battle with cancer. “‘Love and Gratitude, Iman,'” wrote the rock legend’s widow. Our thoughts are with Iman and Bowie’s loved ones during this difficult time. […]

It’s still Capricorn season!!  So, here’s to two of our favorite Capricorns in the world…Shonda Rhimes and Patrick Dempsey!  Shonda is the only woman we know that has a day of the week named after her, “Shondaland!”  And no one can ever forget Patrick a.k.a Dr. McDreamy, from Shonda’s show  “Grey’s Anatomy!”  Happy Birthday from […]

Grey’s Anatomy star and social justice activist Jesse Williams is now the father of two – he and wife Arynn Drake Lee have welcomed a…

At the youthful age of 60, Denzel Washington aka #ManCrushEveryday aka #VintageBae has a resume most actors can only dream of. He embodied Malcolm X, Detective Alonzo Harris in his Oscar Award winning film,Training Day, Frank Lucas in American Gangster, Whip Whitaker in Flight and most recently Robert McCall in The Equalizer. Just five of […]

Jesse Williams is utterly over the idea that Black people are just naturally angrier than everyone else in America. The “Grey’s Anatomy” star has been very vocal about the injustices against the Black community that have been coming to light at a nearly constant rate over the last few years. Deaths of people like Trayvon […]

As if we needed another reason to stay glued to our televisions, super-producer Shonda Rhimes is set to develop a medical drama