Who in their right mind would take a swing at Mike Tyson?  An insane person!! On Saturday night, after the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. fight an over confident fan threw caution to the wind and took a swing at Iron Mike.  Want to find out how it ended?  Click here to read the […]

Have you heard??  Floyd Mayweather maybe interested in a career in MMA…Mixed Martial Arts!  Reportedly, he is meeting with Stephen Espinoza, the President of Showtime Sports and event programming about a match.  I’ll keep you posted if this materializes into something BIG!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih0yhZaXcLI Fifteen-year-old Micah Speed and his mother are not happy that a video of the teen being attacked has gone viral. The video posted on Instagram appears to show an altercation between Speed and another student at Wake Forest High School on Friday. You can see one student pulling down another student from behind multiple […]

Jamie Foxx is set to release his latest film, Sleepless, in which he plays a Las Vegas police officer by the name of Vincent Downs.

Source: Radio One / Radio One It looks like the beef between Chris “Breezy” Brown and Soulja Boy is headed to the ring faster than we had anticipated. The epic fight to settle their beef has been moved up to Saturday, January 28th.  This doesn’t leave much time for either of the artists to train […]

Orlando, Orlando, Orlando. The world is not sure if drugs are at play when it comes to Orlando Brown‘s antics, or if he’s just an actor playing a character for a little attention. His latest bizarre moment didn’t really seem like acting. The That’s So Raven star took to Instagram on Thursday to live stream […]

The singer, known for his smooth demeanor, had to be held back from fighting a club owner on Wednesday night.


Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.


The altercation reportedly sent 18-year-old Emily Marquez straight to the hospital.


An L.A. bouncer claims the Young Money boss punched him in his face.

Rapper/producer Detail is reportedly filing a lawsuit against Drake for allegedly siccing his bodyguards on him.