It is official!  TLC is about to give their fans exactly what they paid for via the Kickstarter campaign….A NEW ALBUM!!  The scheduled release date of the new project is June 30th. However, the ladies are asking that the fans help determine the name of the new album.


Over the weekend, the singer and TV personality issued an apology to anyone whose feelings she'd hurt following a war of words with a fan.

De La Soul‘s new album “And The Anonymous Nobody” is out and has been getting rave reviews from listeners. Headkrack enjoyed it too, calling it “grown rap” for people who are “seasoned.” He remarks at their ability to allow their music to grow up, which is unusual for hip-hop listeners. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Kanye West’s fans are petitioning the NFL!  They want Kanye to perform for halftime during Super Bowl 51.  The NFL and it’s hHalftime sponsor, Pepsi, have stated that they have talked to several artists.  However, they have not officially extended an offer to anyone! So we’re waiting on the official announcement to see if Kanye makes […]


Kaia Coffey called dibs and Ciara swiped Russell anyway.

Nene Leakes once crowned herself the shade queen, but she may have to battle to regain her title after a recent social media beef. The reality star took to Twitter to post a split photo of Lil’ Kim’s faces through the years to promote a plastic surgery article on her blog The Fab Gab. Kim fans were not […]


This is almost as good as having met Beyonce yourself.

Jeff Johnson explains the crisis that has been happening in Flint, Michigan since the state began using a poisonous water source for its residents’ drinking, bathing…

In the wake of the disappointing indictment news on the Tamir Rice case, Jeff Johnson explains why it’s silly to demand that our celebrities and athletes, like LeBron James,…

We can think of plenty of reasons why Stephen Curry is the real MVP. 22 reasons, to be exact.

While the world waits for any sort of update or shimmer of hope surrounding Lamar Odom's overdose and hospitalization, his fans are adding a bright light to social media feeds.


Warriors fans, Cavs fans and just sports fans in general have been on edge as of late with the start of a highly anticipated NBA Finals series between…