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Duke Energy Carolinas filed a petition with North Carolina regulators on Thursday seeking to raise residential electricity rates.

Duke Energy is proposing a potential hike in rates beginning next year.

If you noticed that your power is out, you’re not the only one. Last night’s winter storm has left many in Charlotte and surrounding areas without power. Duke Energy reported thousands of outages today following the heavy rains and strong winds of the storm. As of this morning, over 20,000 residents within Mecklenburg County were […]

VIA Hip-Hop NC The N.C. Utilities Commission is holding hearings this week in Raleigh on the two power companies’ plan to create the nation’s largest electric utility. This week’s hearings will be the only forum for the public to debate the merger, a fact several speakers decried. “We urge you to take these meetings to […]

Duke’s Business Women Network (BWN) honored six Girl Talk girls who are headed to college. Some of the girls overcame great obstacles to get accepted to school. Many of them had parents who could not afford to buy extra items needed for college. Girls were chosen based on need and community involvement. Companies including AT&T, […]