VIA: There was a time that anything Sean “P. Diddy” Coombs touched turned to gold. Not so much anymore. Hip-hop’s most famous homeboy was a guest on “Lopez Tonight” and got booed by the crowd after he let them know why he was there. Diddy was greeted with applause and cheers as he informed […]

When you thought you’ve seen it all from Diddy here he comes again with something you probably wish you never saw.

Vh1 aired it’s Behind The Music special featuring Jennifer Lopez on Sunday. The program took a look back at Lopez’s days as a dancer, her tumultuous relationship with Diddy (then known as Puff Daddy), how she built her media empire and much more. Check out the entire episode below: “He was like, ‘I love you’. […]

Diddy was spotted at the 2010 BET Awards looking Nicki Minaj’s assistant.

Diddy has been known to move the crowd - literally and figuratively. He's at it again.

The “Last Train to Paris” is officially scheduled to (finally) leave the station on June 28. In anticipation of it’s current departure, the Diddy and his gals (Dawn and Kaleena) took new promo pictures.

“Dirty Money” girls Dawn and Kalenna recently did a photo shoot in Los Angeles with Miami-based Haitian model Marvin Benaime. According to reports, Marvin survived the massive earthquake that struck Southern Haiti on January 12. He was trapped under the heavy rubble’s with no food to eat or water to drink for nearly four days […]

You know the saying “Money Can’t Buy Love,” well Diddy recently confirmed it’s true in his personal life. The mogul revealed that he has never experienced true love and although he has conquered music and business, he’s yet to find a “successful relationship.”

Diddy never disappoints on the sex quotable front. The sexual Scorpio recently dropped a few in Ozone Mag’s upcoming 6th Annual Sex Issue, He speaks on tantric sex and Ciroc’d out sex and even goes in about chicks f**kin’ him for tracks. Do they???

Jennifer Lopez has landed herself the June 2010 cover of Marie Claire UK magazine. ON HER EXES: ‘The tabloids covered [Ben Affleck & I] heavily, but when I look back I know those were real parts of my life. That’s what maybe confused people – it seemed like something that was made up and crazy, […]