It’s a back to work Monday!  As you slide back into the cycle of another “rat race” of a week, what’s the 1 thing you wished your boss knew that could help you be more productive at work and have a better home life?  MadameNoire has a list of 15 things for you and your […]

Now, this is definitely a hot topic, especially with the people in the faith community!  Many Christians feel that it’s the woman’s job to submit to her husband and that he has the final say on everything.  However, is that realistic?  What’s your thoughts?

It’s the Daily Dilemma!  I remember growing up, my mom had the final say on EVERYTHING!  Whenever we asked our dad anything, he would always say, “What did your momma say?” or “Ask your momma!”  So, I want to know who has the final say when parenting your kids?

Early this morning, we learned of another mass shooting in Las Vegas ending in 50+ people dead and 400+ injured.  Is it time for the government to enforce stricter gun laws?  #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053 #DailyDilemma

Does abstaining from sex really STRENGTHEN a new relationship, or cause a man to move onto the next woman? #DailyDilemma #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053  

Recently, Mary J. Blige’s step-daughter, Briana Latrise,  broke down in tears on the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop”.  Briana is hurt by the fact that she has not heard from Mary since she filed for a divorce from her dad, Kendu Issac. So it brings me to this question. Should you cut ties […]

I’m just going to get straight to the point today!!  Is phone sex cheating?

When parents cheat in a relationship/marriage, should they tell their kids about the infidelity that ended the relationship? #DailyDilemma #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053

A lot more black women are going natural, including myself.  My hair has been natural on the top for almost 2 years. However, I want to be completely honest….I still get a texturizer on the sides and back to make my hair lay properly with a short cut.  Anyway, I had a very interesting conversation […]

No one is an expert on raising kids.  However, there is a definite divide between old school and new school parents.  So when it comes to letting kids voice their opinions are you in agreement, or is that too much like being their friend?

We live it different times.  It seems like the institution of marriage and being in a monogamous relationship has been forgotten.  So, is it realistic for a man or woman to be with just one person…no cheating?   #OlympiaDsDailyDilemma

Research has shown that people who are involved in a great relationships, tend to become comfortable and put on a little “love weight”. However, do you know tell your mate that they’re gaining too much weight?