Who’s having the ‘Best Day Ever?” Monica is! The platinum selling, Atlanta born artist, who first came on the scene in 1995, sang her heart this morning on “Good Morning America!’ The R&B Songstress performed several of her big hits and her new #1 song, “Commitment” to the excited crowd. Having one of the biggest […]

Nowadays the art of conversation is lost. Many of us stay tip toeing around our partners on egg shells.  When we get clues as to what the other person may be thinking, if it’s not what we’d like to hear, it’s an immediate threat to our balance. *Enters insecurity left stage* the first inclination for […]

Many relationship experts swear by the, “date as many as you can,” concept, hell I believe it to be the truth to some degree; however what exactly does that entail? Yesterday while checking the forum of a women’s Facebook group I belong to, I read the following comment: “Had a convo yesterday with a new […]