1/12/17- Get ready for a four year Golden Shower Comedian Chris Paul says and find out who loves his daughter a little more than he probably should. Listen below.  

1/11/17- Now that Lamar Odom is out of rehab you won’t believe what job he says he now wants. Comedian Chris Paul has the perfect job for him. Also find out why he says the Russians drink a lot of Tang.

1/10/17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul calls President Reject dumb-dumb (besides for the obvious reasons) and why a line of men lined up to kiss the bride at a wedding. Listen below.      

  1/9/17- Missed any of the games this weekend? Comedian Chris Paul recaps the NFL wildcard games to a popular tune. Sports fans listen to the funny above.  

  1/9/17- Comedian Chris Paul list all the celebrities who will attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration and why the Republicans have repealed the Black Golden Globe winners. Listen to the funny above.

1/6/17- Why does Popeyes make Comedian Chris Paul cry? And why does he say that marriage is only about being happy-ish? Click the link above to hear the funny!

1/5/17- How lucky is Soulja Boy and why is Comedian Chris Paul calling the new Samsung phones the hottest thing out? Click the link above to hear the funny!

  1/4//17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul says Hillary Clinton shouldn’t attend the Inauguration, why going black is a hard thing to let go and what happens when you get OJ Care instead of Obamacare.  

  1/2/17- Comedian Chris Paul has a poem for 2016 and reminds us why we should all feel blessed to see 2017. Listen above!

  1/2/17- Missed any of the NFL games this weekend? Comedian Chris Paul breaks down the latest rankings in the league with a little help from an old favorite from TI. Listen!  

  12/22/16- Find out what happens when Santa Claus comes to your neighborhood and if you live in a house or an apartment, comedian Chris Paul says it’s different! Listen!  

12/19/16 – Chris Paul wraps up week 15 of the NFL season in this holiday themed jingle. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.