A federal judge just ordered 7 and a half years on the bricks for Paul Manifort! This second sentencing adds additional years in his jail time for pleading guilty  to two counts of conspiracy and obstructing justice against the United States. Please note that the normal jail time for these types of charges is 19-24 […]

Gospel Legend, Donnie McClurkin had to be admitted to the hospital after passing out behind the wheel and crashing his car! McClurkin told his fans on social media that he was doing better and that two people stopped traffic to rescue him and he’s thankful to be alive. Talk about “Jesus take the wheel!” -@ChirlGirl […]

Check out this clip from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and see how upset Khloe is over Tristan Thompson’s cheating! Tristan was allowed in the delivery room, but, nobody was comfortable about it! Bless her heart! @ChirlGirl