Today, we remember the birthday of one of my favorite comedians, Bernie Mac.  If Bernie was still alive, he would have been 63 years old today.  Rest in peace, King!!

Happy Birthday to NBA player, Kevin Durant!  Today, he turns 32.  We’re sure that he’s turning it up with his #1 fan…his mom!!

Happy Birthday, Bey!!  Today, this beauty turns 39 years old.  So in honor of her special day, we’re taking requests for all of your favorite Beyonce songs.  Hit us up at 704-570-1053 right now to get in your requests!

We could not let this day go by without saying happy birthday to the coolest former President we know, Barack Obama! Today the former POTUS turns 59 years young!!  So, pop the bottle of champagne and put on some Al Green (it’s his favorite).

Happy Birthday to Gladys Knight!  Today, she celebrates her 76th birthday and she is still looking good!  Hats off to you queen!

Happy birthday to one of the fiercest  ladies on television!  Judge Judy Sheindlin turns 71 today. The famously witty judge has been presiding over small claims disputes on her hit show since 1996! Did you know that she is the highest-paid TV star in Hollywood! According to TV Guide, Judge Judy earns $47 million per year for her show, which […]

Happy birthday to Uncle Charlie Wilson!!  Today, for the #MiddayLunchMix we’re playing all of your favorite Charlie Wilson songs from past, present and future!  So call with your requests at 704-570-1053!!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite comedians, Sinbad!!  Today he is celebrating his 61st birthday!!

To we would like to wish Lamar Odom a Happy Birthday!!  However, over the weekend he collapsed at an LA nightclub.  His camp said it was due to dehydration after an intense workout earlier in the day. Whatever the cause, our thoughts and prayer are with him!

In honor of the brave athlete's 29th birthday, we honor his confidence, strength and Blackness with photos of Colin Kaepernick looking like Black excellence.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are proud parents of a 17 year old!  Yep!!  Today is their  daughter, Willow Smith’s birthday! Happy Birthday Willow!

Mya decided to leave the music industry behind and focus on her personal life a few years ago, but now the singer is back and looking just as good as she did in 1999. In honor of her 38th birthday, Mya released visuals to “Ready For Whatever,” the  latest single off her forthcoming eighth studio album. […]