If you can’t wait for tonight’s “Basketball Wives LA” reunion special, we have a sneak peek for you! In the first hour of the reunion special, host John Salley examines Draya’s past, and the state of Matt and Gloria’s relationship. Shout out to Laura and Malaysia for shaking that baby weight! Take a look: Judgment […]

Last night was a hilarious and drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives LA”. The girls were continuing their relaxing Hawaiian vacation and still unveiling new drama that Jackie caused. In an attempt to smooth things over with Jackie at the beginning of the episode, all the ladies meet during breakfast to try and confront Jackie […]

On this episode of “Basketball Wives LA”, the girls are all gearing up for their big trip to Hawaii which means a little fun, sun, relaxation and of course drama. But first, Imani secretly decides that it’s time for Laura’s stuff to go from her apartment and she hires a moving company to get her […]

Official basketball wife (check her credentials, she’s wedded 16 times!) Jackie Christie has been bad mouthed by the media for years as Doug’s ball-and-chain/parole officer, but she’s not the she-devil the media makes her out to be. Since production started for VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA,” Jackie Christie has been taking care of an ailing mother […]

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes’ split may have not come as a surprise to the viewers of “Basketball Wives” – a show that follows the exes, informal girlfriends, and jump-off’s of NBA ballers. Though the two seemed solid on screen, Barnes released a statement last week revealing that the two have decided to go their […]

Last night was another drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives LA” but surprisingly, this episode didn’t center around Draya but instead, Laura! First, at Malaysia’s jewelry party we see Jackie continually spreading the word that Laura was talking about her and Imani in a negative way. (By the way, I recently had the chance to […]

When we last left our favorite reality stars, Draya and Jackie were at Laura’s charity event and Jackie was just explaining to Draya how she had been hearing that Laura was talking negatively about her behind her back (whew, that was a mouthful). Just as Jackie was dogging Laura out, talking about her weight and […]

Is it just me, or is this season of “Basketball Wives LA” turning into the “Draya Show”? Last night’s episode was centered around none other than Draya as the other wives decided to meet up YET AGAIN to discuss their feelings about their fellow cast member. During their meeting, Jackie makes it clear that she […]

You may know Draya from her previous relationship with Chris Brown, seeing her on the covers of countless men’s magazines, music videos, or even from the controversy surrounding her arrest over “child endangerment” accusations. But now, we simply know Draya from her role on the newest season of “Basketball Wives, LA”. She’s the center of […]

It’s official, Kimsha Artest is no longer on “BBLWA” after she abandoned her job! VH1 has issued a statement on why Kimsha Artest is no longer on the show, claiming to be “disheartened.” Shed Media says Artest failed to show up for tapings after a “limited number of days”! “When Kimsha Artest signed on to […]

Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace is defending his wife Kimsha after she allegedly put Shaunie O’Neal on blast via Facebook yesterday. Metta World Peace (I can’t!!)took to his Twitter page to shut down any rumors it may have started or bad blood it might’ve shed (and trust, it did,because Evelyn went in, but I’ll […]

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen Kimsha Artest on “Basketball Wives LA,” it could because she’s no longer a main cast member. As you know Kimsha is not shy when it comes to speaking her mind. When asked why she hasn’t been seen on the show by fans on her Facebook page she […]