Bonnaroo is a graffiti artist’s playground. Check out the art that came out of the weekend in Manchester, TN. In the middle of nowhere in…

Bernard and Shirley Kinsey are on a mission to re-educate Americans about American history.  The Kinseys aren’t interested in the American history taught in school or the black history taught in February. In the last 46 years, the Kinseys have amassed a collection of artifacts, literature and art that chronicles the African American experience dating […]

Pioneering Hip-Hop personality Fab 5 Freddy is currently a featured artist in MOCA’s “Art in The Streets.” A long-time graffiti artist, the founding host of “Yo! MTV Raps” has his first solo exhibit on display at Gallery 151 in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside. The pieces are a fusion of graffiti and Warhol-influenced painting that embody Fab […]

GanttFest drew more than 1,500 people to the uptown cultural center on Saturday. The event celebrated the center’s cultural contribution to the community with poetry, art and music. The free daytime event drew a mix of families, but the evening party “Something Like Fahamenon” was a 90s-themed adult party. It drew a mix of local […]

VIA QCITYMETRO Ask Michael B. Platt to explain his work, and the Washington, D.C., artist hesitates for a moment. He has been described as a “printmaker” (he prefers the phrase image maker), someone who takes photography and manipulates it to create something that’s entirely different – not exactly a photo, not exactly a collage, and […]