Join me everyday Monday through Friday from 10am – 3pm!  We have the ENJ at 11:08, 90’s at Noon with DJ Polo and your 2000’s at 2pm.  And you never know who will stop in!  So tune in and check us out!

Aight, it’s Friday and I’m determined to do it your way! Guest DJ’s call me right now at 704-570-1053 to make your request for 90’s at Noon! And uhhhh….LET’S MAKE IT FUNKY!!

Wanna be on the radio? Well, I have your chance! Guest DJ’s call me right now on the request line at 704-570-1053 so you can introduce my 90’s at noon! It’s only on Old School 105.3! YEP!!

Ok, yesterday my guest DJ’s did their thang! They dragged some Naughty By Nature and Jodeci out the crate. BUT…I wonder what you have in store for me today! Guest DJ’s you know what time it is….call me now at 704-570-1053 to get in your requests for 90’s at Noon on Old School 105.3!