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The rise of nepo babies is fascinating to say the least. The best part about the ascension of today’s entertainers — who come from Hollywood’s biggest stars — is that many of them are extremely talented. Check out a gallery of today’s Black nepo babies who are SO gifted inside.

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase nepo baby, we will explain further. It means the celebrity is a child of someone who’s already quite successful. Of course, they aren’t always an actual baby. Some nepo babies are full grown adults like actress and entrepreneur Tracee Ellis Ross, who is the daughter of pop star Diana Ross or beloved artist Lenny Kravitz who is the son of famous actress Roxie Roker.

The nepotism baby discourse found its virality in February 2022 with a tweet about the cast of the critically-acclaimed TV series “Euphoria,” starring Zendaya (who is not a nepo baby).

The tweet revealed that the “movie director” in question is Judd Apatow, one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. Social media also quickly discovered “Euphoria’s” Sam Levinson is a nepo baby himself. His dad Good Morning, Vietnam.

While this has historically been going on since the early days of Hollywood, it’s become more prevalent to see nepo babies birthed from Black stars. Being a Black star in Hollywood is not a birthright. Instead, it’s considered more of a privilege. Mega stars like Beyoncé are finally in a position to start their own families at the age of 41, so we’re slowly seeing the first real generation of nepo babies amongst Black Hollywood.

Now that these stars have forged a successful path amongst the biggest names in the industry, their children have the opportunity to see fame from birth like their White luminary counterparts.

In this list, we found some of our favorite Black nepo babies on the rise. Most of these rising stars have cultikvated a path all on their own separate from their super star parents. It’s inspiring to see their personal journeys to the top.

Check out our gallery of today’s Black nepo babies who are SO talented below:

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1. Willow Smith

Source:Willow Smith

One of our favorite nepo babies is alt-rock’s new force! Willow Smith is the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. 

2. Messiah Harris


Messiah recently went viral for his vocals and musical abilities. He is an artist and the son of rapper T.I. 

3. Puma


Puma has a voice of an angel. She is the daughter of iconic artist Erykah Badu. 

4. Keypsiia


Keeping it in the Dungeon Family, model and singer Keypsiia released her debut single “Crush.” She was already serving looks with her expansive modeling career, but now she follows her parents footsteps in music. Keypsiia is the daughter of rapper Big Gipp and songstress Joi. 

5. Coi Leray

Source:Coi Leray

Most people wouldn’t even realize rapper Coi Leray is a nepo baby, because she would rather keep it confidential. We all know you can’t hide anything from the Internet. Coi is the daughter of artist and TV personality Benzino. 

6. Coco Jones

Source:Coco Jones

Who knew Coco Jones was a nepo baby? Her dad is NFL star Mike Jones. Still, Coco forged her own path as an actress and artist since she was a little girl. We love to see her ascension today. 

7. Alex Isley

Source:Alex Isley

Amazing vocalist Alex Isley gave away the nepotism with her legendary last name. She is the daughter of The Isley Brother’s Ernie Isley. The singer has a style of her own while maintaining the Isley tradition of creating timeless tracks. 

8. Baby Tate

Source:Baby Tate

Baby Tate’s rise has been wonderful to witness. If her face didn’t give it away and her occasional mommy and me post, most fans wouldn’t know that she’s the daughter of singer Dionne Farris. She definitely created a lane so different from her mom. 

9. Heiress Harris


One thing about little miss Heiress, she not missing no notes. The young songstress has already started making waves as a singer and YouTube personality. She’s the youngest daughter to rapper T.I. and singer Tiny Harris. 

10. North West


Now, you know we love Miss North West. She hasn’t dived into one art particularly, but the girl is an entertainer for sure. Between her reality star mom Kim Kardashian and famed artist and producer dad Kanye West, North has a bright future in entertainment. She already started her painting career, and loves to perform on TikTok.