The Best Fights From ‘The View’ That Will Make You Giggle  was originally published on

1. The Biggest Cat Fights On “The View”

The Biggest Cat Fights On “The View”

2. The View; Oreilly Fight, Joy Whoopi Walk Off 10-14-10

3. Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At Donald Trump About Obama’s Birth Certificate

4. The View: Joy, Rosie and Elizabeth Fight

5. “The View” Fights over Abortion

6. “The View”–Argues over Gay Marriage

7. The View: Elizabeth and Joy get heated over PRAYER!

8. “The View” : Kate Gosselin Fights with Whoopi about Her Custody Battle With Jon

9. “The View” Fights Over Iranian Election

10. The View: Joy And Elizabeth Battle Pt-Two 4-14-08

11. “The View” Argues over Harry Reid’s “Negro Dialect” Comments