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Making it to your next destination, be it work, home or that hot hookup you recently met off your preferred dating app, can sometimes be a long journey to say the least. That’s why it helps to either have some music in your earbuds or a good show to stream off your phone or tablet. Then again, tuning in for the latest episode of an entertaining podcast is usually the most ideal way to make it through your commute.


As the world begins opening up again following loosened restrictions that were enacted on us due to last year’s global pandemic, we know that many of you are a bit apprehensive about taking public transportation again. We don’t blame you, but we also implore you to open your mind to the fact that we’re in a much better place as a nation and it’s safe (with proper protection and vaccination of course!) to take trains, planes, automobiles and other forms of transit again.


The Black America Web crew came together to bring you a selection of the best podcasts, created by our people specifically, to help get you back in the swing of commuter life. From hip-hop heads to those that just like some good gossip and/or sex advice, we think you’ll like our selections.



The Best Black Podcasts To Stream When Commuting Fully Reopens  was originally published on

1. The Read with Kid Fury and Crissles

The Read with Kid Fury and Crissles Source:Fuse

As the OGs on this list, Kid Fury and Crissles have been entertaining people for years with The Read. Being that both hosts are LGBTQ, their views and topics are extremely diverse yet also speak to that community specifically. The listener letters they “read” at the end are always to die for.

2. Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN

Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN Source:Revolt

Fans of rap, be it the Golden Era of the ’90s or the current times where trap reigns supreme, can find common ground over at Drink Champs. N.O.R.E.’s stance as an elder statesman of hip-hop helps him garner an A-List level of guests (i.e. Dipset head honcho Cam’Ron), and the fact that it’s hours of drinking, smoking and conversation about unheard rap tales is just icing on the cake.

3. Lip Service with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, Gigi Maguire and Lore’l

Lip Service with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, Gigi Maguire and Lore'l Source:Free Alexander

It goes without saying that people enjoy sex, but it’s quite interesting to see how much people enjoy hearing others talk about sex. Of course, “the others” in this situation include a powerhouse team of baddies, including our very own Lore’l. Whether they’re in a studio with guests or doing it live, best believe the X-rated conversation on Lip Service will always have you at attention in more ways than one.

4. The Undressing Room Podcast with Eva Marcille, Lore’l and Dominique Da Diva

The Undressing Room Podcast with Eva Marcille, Lore'l and Dominique Da Diva Source:Reach Media

Yeah, we had to throw in a shameful plug for one of our own resident podcast shows! All three of our ladies on The Undressing Room Podcast come from other shows in our camp, with Eva hailing from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Lore’l (appearing on this list for a second time!) making some extra time for us away from The Morning Hustle and Dominique Da Diva dropping in when she’s not on the Quicksilva Show. We promise you it’s worth the listen, especially for all our fashion-savvy folk out there who like to ball out at retail hotspots like Macy’s. 

5. Hella Black Podcast with Delency Parham and Blake Simons

How could we make a list about Black podcasts without including one called, well, Hella Black? Being that the show is hosted by two strong men of color — shoutout to the bros Delency Parham and Blake Simons! —  makes the time spent listening to them feel extremely valuable. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Blake rocks a killer ‘fro with pride each episode.