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Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors were nearly an unstoppable force when Kevin Durant was a member of the team stacked with stars like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. As most know, Durant and Green had an infamous falling out but they’ve since settled the beef but not without taking a strong jab at the front office of the Warriors.

Durant joined the Warriors after his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, took the Warriors to seven games in the 2015-16 Western Conference finals before falling to the Bay Area sharpshooters. Durant then joined the Warriors and won two championships in a row until the injury-riddled squad lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018-2019 NBA Finals.

Much of his came up during Green’s Chips interview show via Bleacher Report, where the point-forward examines what drives athletes to dig deep and perform at their highest level. Over the course of 24 minutes, the former teammates and current friends didn’t hide behind niceties and essentially said that an argument in 2018 between the pair was the beginning of the end of Durant’s tenure with the team and that Coach Steve Kerr and General Manager Bob Myers were the reason that the two superstar players couldn’t patch things up.

From the interview:

KD: It wasn’t the argument, it was the way everybody, Steve Kerr acted like it didn’t happen, Bob Meyers tried to discipline you and think that would put the mask over everything. I really felt like that was such a big situation for us as a group, the first time we went through something like that, that we had to get that sh*t all out. I remember watching The Last Dance and when Scottie didn’t go into the game, the whole team in the locker room said Scottie that was fucked up that you did that. We needed that. We just needed to throw all that sh*t out on the table, and say ‘yo Dray, K, that was f*cked up that we even had to go through that, let’s just wipe our hands with that and finish the task.’ I don’t think we did that, we tried to dance around it. The vibe of all of that just made sh*t weird to me. I’d rather us be who we say we are: family first, communication is key, and we didn’t show that. That’s what rubbed me the wrong way more than anything.

DG: When we landed back from LA, Hazel (Green’s wife) was sitting in the car for 1:45, they put me in that room for an 1:45 and they tried to tell me you need to apologize. I tried to tell them, I’ll talk to K, but y’all aren’t going to tell me what I need to say. And they went on for 1:45 talking a bunch of bullsh*t, and ultimately they realized okay we’re not getting through to him, we’re gonna try again in the morning. So we met the next morning, and they said, alright you slept on it, are you ready to apologize, and I told them right then and there, I said, y’all about to f*ck this up. I said the only person that can make this right is me and K. And there’s nothing you can do. And y’all are going to f*ck this up. And in my opinion, they f*cked it up.

The entire interview is worth a watch and it isn’t solely focused on their now-repaired beef. Check that out below and keep scrolling for reactions from Twitter.

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