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"Abbott Elementary" Premiere Event

Source: Ray Tamarra / Getty

“Abbott Elementary” returned to ABC last night (Nov. 30) with episode 9 titled “Sick Day.” The comedic mockumentary series continues with Janine taking a sick day and Principal Ava having to step in and help out. As fans prepare for the next holiday themed episode, it makes us wonder what each faculty member would bring for a gift exchange. Check out this “Abbott Elementary” Secret Santa list inside.

Last night’s episode was all about taking a much needed break. Janine is out sick for the day, so Ava grows desperate and must step in to help out. Meanwhile, Barbara and Melissa revel in the quieter-than-normal teacher’s lounge. This week’s episode felt different than the rest without the show’s creator and star Quinta Brunson, who portrays Janine, to wreak havoc with her daily shenanigans at the elementary school. Still, it forced a lazy, Principal Ava to step up to the plate and virtually, do her job.

Fans can expect a more cheerful holiday themed episode next week for the season’s tenth episode titled “Holiday Hookah.” The next episode will debut next Wednesday, Dec. 7 on ABC. It follows Janine, who is convinced by a friend to go to a popular hookah club where she runs into unexpected colleagues. Jacob crashes Barbara and Melissa’s traditional holiday dinner and in the process begins to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

In the Christmas giving spirit, one Twitter user and absolute “Abbott Elementary” stan predicted what each staff member might bring for a Secret Santa gift exchange. There are gifts ranging from a practical Staples gift card to  Essence Festival tickets fit for an influencer’s dream.

Check out the thread below:

Here’s What The ‘Abbott Elementary’ Staff Would Bring To A “Secret Santa” Gift Exchange  was originally published on

1. Janine Teagues


Of course, Janine brings a personalized snow globe, featuring your hometown. 

2. Gregory Eddie


He keeps it practical with a Staples gift card. 

3. Ava Coleman


She gifts her spare influencer tickets to Essence Festival. 

4. Barbara Howard


A gift basket filled with homemade baked goods and a tin that you can reuse as a sewing kit. 

5. Melissa Schemmenti


Melissa always knows a guy, who knows a guy. She’s gifting a brand new iPhone, and don’t ask where she got it from. 

6. Jacob Hill


A mixtape with your favorite song. We could also see Jacob gifting you a Black Panther history book from his personal library, teaching you about YOUR history. 

7. Mr. Johnson


Mr. Johnson is definitely re-gifting you something from the lost and found. Something like the scarf you lost but he had the entire time.