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Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

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Falling down a rabbit hole on Twitter will have you reading the most nonsensical conspiracy theories.

Those extend to different mediums and even sports. So the latest conspiracy on Twitter is the disappearance of Damar Hamlin.

Yup. Twitter is alleging that Hamlin didn’t really make a full recovery and is basing the baseless theory on his appearance at the recent Buffalo Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals, which he attended with his 7-year-old brother, Damir, and mother, Nina.


During the AFC Divisional round game, Hamlin was seen riding around in a golf cart and photographed cheering on his team from atop the stadium in the team’s box. It seems perfectly normal, right? However, Twitter has found issue that Hamlin didn’t show his face once as he was rocking sunglasses, and a hoodie and kept his head low.

“Serious question: Does anyone believe this was actually Damar Hamlin? Has what happened to him been properly explained yet or is this getting the Las Vegas treatment?” tweeted one user while another asked, “Where’s the personal video message from him, like EVERY other seriously injured player?? #DamarHamlin is dead. #StoptheShotsNow.

Other Twitter users recognize how silly the trending topic is, saying, “Whatever you do today don’t click on damar Hamlin in trending you will lose brain cells.”

Another shoots down the possibility that Hamlin is no longer with us, tweeting, “Somebody mentioned to me today that he thinks #DamarHamlin actually died and the @nfl is covering it up. People actually believe this stuff!”

Super Bowl Champ Torrey Smith even caught wind of the rumor and thinks it’s ridiculous and doesn’t want to hear the nonsense.

He let it be known by sarcastically asking, “Can we as a community block every single person, media outlet, and/or family member that tweets a conspiracy theory about Damar Hamlin?”

Hamlin has been miraculously recovering since suffering cardiac arrest on the field just three weeks ago, but the Associated Press reports that he still needs oxygen to breathe and is having his heart monitored regularly.

We’re wishing Hamlin a speedy recovery, but see the conspiracy theories Twitter is spewing below.

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