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Damn Gina: Thanksgiving Episodes From Our Favorite 90s Sitcoms  was originally published on

1. Thanksgiving Television Specials

Thanksgiving Television Specials

While we’re getting ready to give thanks for a great year, grub with our families and prep ourselves to dodge all questions from our inquisitive grandparents about our dating lives, let’s revisit some of our favorite sitcoms and the Thanksgiving episodes that got us all in the mood for some turkey!

2. Moesha

We’ll start off with a household 90s favorite, “Moesha”. On this episode, Mo and her girls decided to take a road trip to their school’s basketball game, but really only wanted to go to be closer to their boyfriends (typical). Although the game was the same week as Thanksgiving, they promised they would be back […]

3. Martin

Without a doubt, “Martin” and his crew kept us laughing during their Thanksgiving episode. Their Holiday dinner turned into a battle of the sexes when Gina and Pam were convinced that their cooking was way better than Martin and his boys’. Of course, the boys were in over their heads when they realized that the […]

4. The Cosby Show

Let’s take it back to the ’80s with Thanksgiving at the Huxtables’ on “The Cosby Show”. On this episode, Cliff’s oldest daughter, Sondra, came home from college to celebrate the holidays with her family. The whole family was excited to spend time with Sondra, but Sondra had something else on her mind. Sondra wanted to […]

5. The Parkers

Thanksgiving at the Parkers’ residence had to be a blast. On this episode, Nikki’s sister and niece came to visit her and Kim for the holidays. One would assume that having the family together for Thanksgiving would be exciting, but Nikki’s sister and niece were so bossy to her and Kim that it drove the […]

6. The Bernie Mac Show

Uncle Bernie was in for a weird Thanksgiving this year. While his nephew, Jordan, was busy annoying his sisters, Bernie was cooking dinner for the family. Little did he know that Jordan accidentally changed the temperature on the grill while the turkey was cooking leaving a ton of bacteria! After dinner, Bernie didn’t feel so […]

7. Living Single

Thanksgiving with the crew on “Living Single” was more like a match maker session. Khadijah invited her friend Stacey over for Thanksgiving dinner and as soon as she met Kyle, the two instantly fell for each other. Once the gang realized that Kyle was head over heels for Stacey who seemed to be more casual […]

8. Kenan & Kel

Thanksgiving with “Kenan & Kel” is taking it way back to all of our childhoods! On this episode, Kel was invited to Kenan’s house for dinner while Kenan’s parents are out visiting a family member. In typical Kel behavior, he accidentally ate the whole turkey by himself leaving the boys to try and desperately replace […]

9. The Jamie Foxx Show

Jamie’s Thanksgiving on “The Jamie Foxx Show” was definitely one to remember. Jamie’s old friend and pro-football player, Icepick, was cut by his team on Thanksgiving Day. Not only was he a cut from his team, but he was also coming to terms with the fact that he was homosexual! All of the stress took […]

10. Sister,Sister

Since Ray and Lisa have broken up, it seemed like their romantic Thanksgiving vacation to Hawaii turned into a family vacation as Lisa invited Ray and Tamara thinking that Ray wouldn’t show up anymore. Of course, Ray did show up and invited Ray’s ex-girlfriend, Tonya, to accompany him. When they all arrived at the condo, […]

11. “A Different World”

While the gang on “A Different World” was preparing to head home for the holidays, Whitley and Kim decided to stay and go dancing. Meanwhile, Walter, Jalessa, Dwayne and Freddie hit the road home! Oh, the joys of college life at Hillman College! Take a look.