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On Tuesday, Master P revealed on The Red Pill with Van Lathan podcast, “I got into it with Kobe before, at the Lakers facility. Lamar Odom kind of cooled it off.”  The mogul was pretty vague about the  details of the altercation, but he did add, “You know how Kobe is, the Lakers is his facility, so it was just one of those things. That’s his place.”

In the world of celebrity egos, there’s no telling when things will actually come to blows. Check out the gallery below of other stars who almost got the paws laid on them by another celeb.




Celebrity Fights That (Almost) Came To Blows  was originally published on

1. Shaquille O’Neal Vs. Charles Barkley

Sir Chuck actually did get the paws put on him.

2. Diddy Vs. Drake

Neither parties have officially confirmed the rumors that Diddy slapped Drake back in 2014, but the streets know whats up.

3. Solange Vs. Jay-Z

The brawl of the century.

4. Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy

The 2017 boxing match that never happened.

5. Rick Ross Vs. Jeezy

The 2012 BET Awards was about to be lit — literally.

6. Drake Vs. Chris Brown

Drake Vs. Chris Brown

We all know how and why that went down. And neither ended up with Rihanna, unfortunately for them.