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Netflix and Hulu are packed with so many genres of shows and movies that will cater to any or all of your interests. If you’re into design, viewing amazing properties or just some good ol’ competitive banter, finding inspiration to take your home to the next level is at your fingertips!

Whether you need to renovate your new home, learn how to optimize the potential of your apartment/condo, or simply just want to watch other people transform their residencies, below is a list of real estate and interior design shows to binge on Netflix and Hulu right now for some serious home obsessing.

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15 Shows To Binge On Netflix + Hulu To Unlock Your Home’s Hidden Potential  was originally published on

1. Flip or Flop Fort Worth

Flip or Flop Fort Worth hosts are Black military veterans who became real estate investors. They buy, rehab and sell run-down houses all over Texas. You can stream Flip or Flop Fort Worth on Hulu.

2. Amazing Interiors

A RUNNING waterfall that cascades from under a bed; a house filled with furniture made from old car parts and even a house hidden within a house: never judge a home by its front door. Netflix’s new series Amazing Interiors looks at homes that may look fairly ordinary from the outside – but are truly extraordinary from the inside. Like stepping into Narnia through a wardrobe full of fur coats, these homes certainly have the surprise factor and some took years – if not decades – to be realized.

3. Interior Design Masters

A contract with a posh London hotel is on the line for these up-and-coming designers, who show their skills through a variety of challenges. 

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4. Abstract: The Art of Design

Meet eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today in the new Netflix original documentary series, Abstract: The Art of Design. Journey through their creative process, explore their work, and discover how their innovative designs have profoundly affected our every day lives

5. Stay Here

Star Designer Genevieve Gorder who you’ll remember from TLC’ss hit show ‘Trading Spaces’ has now joined the Netflix family in this intriguing Airbnb renovation show. Alongside business and marketing expert,  Peter Lorimer, the duo travels across the country giving facelifts to short-term rental properties. Don’t have your own Airbnb? There’s still a ton to learn. From this, you can take away inspiration to revamp your favorite extra room or plan experiences for your friends and family who come to visit.

6. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This British property series follows property enthusiast Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor around the world as they explore the world’s most extraordinary homes. Follow the pair as they journey across mountains, through forests, along coasts, and deep underground to discover the most unique properties you’ll ever see. The show has two seasons for you to watch on Netflix.

7. Marriage or Mortgage

Married or single, we’ve all heard it. “You could buy a house for the price of that wedding!” But have you ever stopped to think, what if you actually did? In this show a Tennesse Wedding planner and real estate agent compete to either win over a couple to use their budget on their dream home or dream wedding! Watch Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix.

8. Dream Home Makeover

Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee helps dreams come true for real families looking to update their homes tailored to their own unique style. Watch on Netflix.

9. Instant Hotel

Another short-term rental-focused show, but set in Australia! Instant Hotel is a super cool concept. Couples, friends, and family members who own rental properties stay in each other’s homes and rate their stay, giving the owners feedback. The hosts also rate their guests on cleanliness and various categories. The drama begins when some players think others aren’t being fair with their grading system. Take a tour of down under in this exciting twist on reality tv. Watch on Netflix.

10. Restaurants On The Edge

This series is such a joy! Full of fun & inspiring stories of food, design, travel, adventure, & community. Watch on Netflix.

11. The Great Interior Design Challenge

Join Tom Dyckhoff with design experts and judges Daniel Hopwood, Sophie Robinson and Kelly Hoppen as they search for Britain’s best amateur interior designers. Watch on Netflix.

12. Tiny House Nation

Renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America, designing and building tiny houses. And by tiny, we mean tiny: all the houses are under 500 square feet! Watch on Netflix and Hulu.

13. Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge

If you’re a fan of relaxing British reality TV, you’ll love Cabins in the Wild. Viewers take a journey with engineer Dick Strawbridge and craftsman Will Hardie as they first explore a pop-up hotel in the wilderness of Wales made up of wildly inventive cabins — before they embark on building their own. Watch on Netflix.

14. Hidden Potential

Jasmine Roth has done some major and beautiful room transformations on her show Hidden Potential. Watch on Hulu.

15. Extreme Homes

The word extreme means different things to different people, and to these homeowners it means pushing the envelope as far as possible. From construction to completion, take an up-close look at some of the world’s most spectacular houses ever built — including a modern Italian castle, a seaside house made of refrigerator panels, a floating home that was a ferry boat and a spherical house that revolves with the sun — and find out what makes them all so unique. Watch on Hulu.