VIA RADIO ONE BALTIMORE Black Girls Rock is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the healthy development of young women and girls. The organization builds self-esteem and self-worth, broadening their horizons and helping them to empower themselves as well as others. Black Girls Rock Inc. joined forces with BET for a world broadcast highlighting […]

Rihanna performed at the 2010 MTV European Music Awards over the weekend on a set full of flowers and wore a floral dress for the performance.

This past weekend, our very own chairwoman, Cathy Hughes, was inducted into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. Hughes, an innovative and dynamic pioneer of urban radio and founder and chairwoman of Radio One, the largest African-American- owned media corporation in the United States, is known for her determination, programming skills, and business acumen. One […]

We all knew that after Michael Jackson’s death that there would be a series of posthumous releases that would put 2pac to shame, but we didn’t think it would go down like this.

(NewsOne)– I went to see “For Colored Girls,” the exciting new film made by the great Tyler Perry.  I love Tyler’s work, most of the time, and I’ve defended him on multiple occasions when he’s come under attack for the nature of his films.  Spike Lee is one particular Tyler Perry hater that I’ve taken […]

Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Monica, Nia Long and other celebs came out for the 5th Annual Black Girls Rock! Awards In NYC on October 16.

This isn’t going to be your average movie review.  I won’t try to break down the meaning in the movie or tell you that such-and-such had an Oscar-worthy performance (though, in my opinion there were some). I won’t even discuss the cinematography or the artistic moments in the movie.  I want to talk about the […]

The tide that carried many Democrats and progressives into office in 2008 was reversed this year on November 2nd.  History tells us however, that the opposing party of a sitting president usually gains Congressional seats during mid-term elections. If the Democrats maintained power it would have been a historical exception. One blogger summarized the reason […]

Check out who is in this week’s My Mini Concert. You can hear the My Mini Concert M – F at 11 a.m. on Wanna host your own mini concert? Send us an email to with your artist suggestions, including four of the artists’ songs you would like to hear during the mini […]

Bow Wow must be going through it…I recently came across some disturbing tweets from the pint-sized rapper talking about death. Bow Wow tweeted that he wished for death sometimes, because it’s the only way he can find peace and went off about the music industry and how he had to put his “real life” on […]

VIA URBAN DAILY Frankly, when I first watched the commercial for “Undercovers” I thought to myself that it wouldn’t last long; Boris Kodjoe is as corny as it gets. A clear rip off from the “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” theme leaves little to be desired from the show. Besides that,  ”Undercovers” delivered lines like: “I […]