It’s another all new episode of the award winning “Unsung” this Sunday night at 10pm on TV One! The featured artist this week is the eighties R&B diva Shannon. It takes an up close & personal look at her career, & how she dealt with the music industry. Check it out this Sunday night at […]

Now this is really great! On the cover of this months edition of Essence Magazine they have shown love to some real ‘move makers’. They are highlighting the top seventeen executives in the beauty business. These women own, operate, & work for companies that are as Essence puts it “redefining the face of beauty”, & […]

So for all the folks out there who have NOT gotten their income taxes done (like myself), the government has done us all a favor (& this crazy virus). Your Federal & State Income Taxes are usually due on April 15th, but they’ve been pushed back to July 15th. So hopefully & prayerfully this virus […]

Shouts to Loni Love who is continuing to do big things with her clothing line! The host of “The Real” talk show is about to drop that spring line on you ladies, so get ready. Her collection is a collaboration with plus size fashion company Ashley Stewart & is doing great. We would have seen […]

Ol’ Badu is at it again! She’s always on the cutting edge & trying different things, & I’m sure this is gonna come off major. She announced via instagram that she’s doing her “Apocalypse One” concert series live from her bedroom (or as she called it in her post….the “Badubotron”). Hahahaha!!! She’ll be livestreaming the […]

It’s officially the first day of Spring! Finally out with the cold, & in with the sun!! If you’re like me, the Spring is also a time when you get hammered with pollen, & my allergies are a FOOL! Hahahaha!!! Hopefully us “allergy sufferers” can navigate through this season without getting hit too hard. Here’s […]

Earlier today at the White House press conference with the Coronavirus Task Force, the head of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) spoke. He announced that trials have started & we can expect a vaccine for the Coronavirus in the next 12 months. The White House is also going to let them side step any […]

I mean the Jordan Brand just wont stop will they! We’ve seen some premiere fashion designers collabing with sneaker brands (like Supreme & the Air Force One, another Nike situation), but Christian Dior?? Pure dopeness!! As you can see they went with the original Jordan, the grey colorway flows smooth, & the way the laced […]

Oh nooooooooooo!!! My second home, the place I go to stay in shape & take care of the body…..it’s shutting down? The answer is yes. In the wake of the Coronavirus & the seriousness of what it’s become, as of yesterday gyms in the area have started to close down. For a person like myself […]

It’s an early call on this “Super Tuesday III”, but it looks like Joe Biden has won the state of Florida! There are 214 Delegates at stake, & it looks like ol’ “Uncle Joe” is gonna take them all in this highly competitive battle. Sanders is really gonna have to pull off some serious victories […]

Well here we are. As of 12:01am this morning Cam Newton became a Free Agent. He’ll join the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, & other players who are open to go wherever they want (or really, where they can get the biggest check)! Hahahaha!!! Nah….sometimes it does matter where you really want to be […]

According to the Office Of Governor Roy Cooper, today at 5pm restaurants & bars will close for dine-in customers. Takeout & delivery orders can continue. This is an executive order, & it will also include an expansion of unemployment benefits to help North Carolina workers affected by COVID-19. As always we will keep you updated […]