In 1990, Dorothy Brunson became the first Black, African-American woman to own a TV station in Philadelphia! She bought Philadelphia’s WGTW Channel 48.The broadcast channel showed reruns and syndicated shows, such as “Matlock,” “21 Jump Street,” “Streets of San Francisco,” “The A-Team,” “Family Feud,” and “Carol Burnett and Friends.” It was even versatile in culture […]

As Insecure says "BYVE" with its last and final season debuting this Sunday on HBO, the cast takes over the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Take a look at the digital cover inside.

The former president and beleaguered business mogul launched yet another crusade destined to fail in his new social media platform, TRUTH Social, but Twitter is already pressing the delete button on the venture.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, just moments ago, Fury knocked out Wiilder. In the highly anticipated trilogy fight between Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wiilder, Wiilder takes a mean L. The referee called the fight after Tyson Fury throw a knock out hit that took Deontay Wiilder crashing down in the 11th round. Right before knockout in […]

Dwayne Johnson showed off his skills in the booth recently by dropping a verse for rap vet Tech N9ne in a new song called "Face Off," and many people reacted to hearing The Rock rocking the mic.

. In recent weeks, the comedian and television host has made some more bold choices in those areas, and his latest outfit has Twitter reacting only as they can.

Adele is believed to be days away from releasing a new album titled 30. The return of Adele is shaping up to be a major moment in music. We learned a few things about the project said to be nothing like what fans have heard from Adele before.

The former That's So Raven star has since turned his life around and has delivered a new set of verses celebrating the triumph over his demons

According to Savage, an unknown individual is threatening to release a sex tape featuring her and a partner but they're going to be waiting forever to get paid.

Jay-Z has his hand in plenty of projects these days. One, in particular, that is getting his devoted attention is the forthcoming Netflix film The Harder They Fall, a Western with an all-star cast that merited the Brooklyn mogul taking a trip across the pond.