In Case You Missed It

Huggy talked about his Bootleg movie dealer giving him slightly different versions of theatrical releases. Listen in and get ready to laugh.

Huggy gives us the Lowdown on Tigers ex-wife getting engaged and his other funny topics.

Michael talks about getting kicked off his flight for what he says was because he was  “black”! Find out his story by listening in.

Huggy gives his rundown of the Tom Joyner family reunion and how tired he was from all the festivities.

Huggy talks  about his plans for the family reunion and about getting kids to pull up there pants!

Jay starts a new series of interviews starting off with a new interview with Whitney Houston’s actual crack pipe.  Listen in for laughter.

Huggy gives up his plans for the upcoming Tom Joyner Family Reunion this weekend. Apparently he and Jay have plans to work together. Listen in for all the details.

President Obama calls in to the Tom Joyner Morning Show and talks about the economy and answers question from Tom and Sybil.

Via NY Daily News The giant rat may be gone, but the kids at the Marcy Houses are still terrified of the gangs of smaller rodents that scamper across the grounds. The playgrounds at the Marcy Houses were all but deserted Friday after the Daily News published a photo of a ridiculously huge rodent speared […]

Bill talks about the the HBCU football game coming up in September.

Roland talks about the MLK Memorial plans change.