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Earlier today at the White House press conference with the Coronavirus Task Force, the head of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) spoke. He announced that trials have started & we can expect a vaccine for the Coronavirus in the next 12 months. The White House is also going to let them side step any […]

I mean the Jordan Brand just wont stop will they! We’ve seen some premiere fashion designers collabing with sneaker brands (like Supreme & the Air Force One, another Nike situation), but Christian Dior?? Pure dopeness!! As you can see they went with the original Jordan, the grey colorway flows smooth, & the way the laced […]

It’s an early call on this “Super Tuesday III”, but it looks like Joe Biden has won the state of Florida! There are 214 Delegates at stake, & it looks like ol’ “Uncle Joe” is gonna take them all in this highly competitive battle. Sanders is really gonna have to pull off some serious victories […]

Well here we are. As of 12:01am this morning Cam Newton became a Free Agent. He’ll join the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, & other players who are open to go wherever they want (or really, where they can get the biggest check)! Hahahaha!!! Nah….sometimes it does matter where you really want to be […]

According to the Office Of Governor Roy Cooper, today at 5pm restaurants & bars will close for dine-in customers. Takeout & delivery orders can continue. This is an executive order, & it will also include an expansion of unemployment benefits to help North Carolina workers affected by COVID-19. As always we will keep you updated […]

Shouts to Michael Jordan! With other players like (Zion, Giannis, Kevin Love, etc) stepping up & paying arena workers lost wages due to the coronavirus, right here in the Queen City MJ has stepped up. According to the Charlotte Observer Jordan & players are providing financial assistance to part-time employees who are affected by the […]

Big shouts to CMS! They have just come out with a list of meal distribution during school closure. So this is how it works: “Grab & Go” meals will be served M-F beginning tomorrow (Tuesday March 17th 2020) between 10:30am-12:30pm). Lunch (& breakfast for the next day) will be served at the same time in […]

Gotta send a Happy Birthday shout to the Queen City’s own….Steph Curry! I mean what can you say? He’s been in the NBA for eleven years now, & he’s got 3 x NBA Championships, 2 X NBA League MVP’s, a 6 X NBA All Star, I mean the brotha has been doin’ his thing! Enjoy […]

In wake of the coronavirus & so many events being cancelled & shutdown, the NBA was one of the first to make headlines. They cancelled the rest of the 2019-2020 season, & workers at the arenas are directly affected. With no games, they have no work. So Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans has […]

Gotta send a Happy Birthday shout to arguably the greatest producer of ALL TIME, the one & only Quincy Jones! When it comes to music, there are not many that can compare to the genius of this man. From his own albums, to his successful projects (“We Are The World”), to the pinnacle of his […]

At a press conference that went down a couple hours earlier today, Governor Roy Cooper has ordered all public schools K-12 to close effective immediately for the next 2 weeks. Monday schools will open as a ‘work day’ for administrators & teachers to get their personal items if need be, but ALL public schools K-12 […]

A day after Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, his teammate Donovan Mitchell has tested positive as well. According to the Jasmin Brand Mitchell was tested by Oklahoma Health officials after the game & posted a message to his instagram earlier thanking the authorities in Oklahoma as well as the Utah Jazz organization. Get […]