About Callie Douglas

Callie Douglas is a native North Carolinian. Her career has been a series of twists, turns, and unbelievable encounters. She has excelled in the media industry for well over twenty years. Although a seasoned professional, Callie isn’t afraid to have a good time.

A kid at heart she feels that most people take themselves much too seriously. “I have long given up waiting to change from my childlike fascination with life,” notes Callie. “I will constantly be amazed by the human existence on this big blue ball called Earth.”

Callie names her family as her biggest success. “I am blessed to have an adoring husband and three wonderful daughters. They are my anchor.” The Carolina native has been married for nearly thirty years and she is proud to say her daughters have exceeded her own academic achievements. At times she says she can hardly believe that she has been blessed with such a loving and devoted family.

“I consider it all joy that I am a part of The Light 103.9’s on-air staff and thank God each and every day for an opportunity to share in His music ministry.”

Callie dreams to one day have her own television talk show.