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Nicki Minaj was the “butt” of a joke at the American Music Awards last Sunday. According to medaitakeout.com, Minaj got a firsthand taste of hazing from Rihanna, Katy Perry and Ke$ha. Here’s what went down according to a celeb (that you all know) who was at the  show:

I felt so bad for Nicki [Minaj]. She was so excited – even dare I say starstruck – to be around Rihanna and Kesha and Katy [Perry]. But those girls are evil.

They acted like they were cool with Nicki, but when she wasn’t there they kept laughing at her, saying ‘look how fake her butt is.’

At one point, they all took turns touching Nicki’s butt and then they all broke out laughing. You could see the hurt on Nicki’s face.

C’mon ladies, can’t we all just get along??

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