Diddy and Jadakiss Party Drama Rumor False

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Apparently someone is trying to hype themselves. According to a story on Urban Daily, “Jadakiss and his goons were ready to put their hands on Diddy but Diddy bounced. Urban Daily says MediaTakeOut.com learned that violence nearly popped off inside a Charlotte, NC club over the weekend.”

I attended the party, and Diddy and Jadakiss were all smiles together in the Platinum VIP area. Owners of Taylor Massey Entertainment were surprised to hear about the rumor regarding Saturday’s party.

“We want to be clear that the event was a huge success,” said Johnny Taylor and Duane Massey, the promoters of THE EVENT. “There were no problems between Diddy and Jadakiss.”

Here’s what really happened:

Diddy’s party was the finale of festivities surrounding the CIAA basketball tournament in Charlotte. Taylor Massey Entertainment rented the entire first floor of the Ramada Inn to accommodate the more than 2,000 people who packed the event.

There was a completely separate VIP room near the main lobby , a dance floor in the atrium and several ballrooms were open.

Jadakiss’ entourage of about a dozen people arrived about an hour before Diddy. They were given a huge table in the middle of the platinum VIP area. They ordered bottle service and chilled.

Diddy arrived shortly after midnight with security and police pushing past people to escort Diddy into his VIP area. After Diddy posed for pictures with fans and the promoters, he chilled in his VIP section. Jadakiss walked over, the two dapped each other up, sipped drinks and talked.

After a few minutes, Jadakiss left Diddy’s area, and Diddy’s entourage dashed through the kitchen and hotel hallways to the mainstage. Police, security and Diddy ran through a throng of fans to get the mainstage.

Diddy performed a couple of songs, but there were some technical difficulties. There was another intense sprint through the crowd as the entire party shifted to a ballroom where Diddy performed again. After hyping  fans in that ballroom, Diddy left.

It was crazy, but fun.