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Designer jeans can get expensive. A nice pair of jeans could cost you over a $100; some jeans are even over $200. With the high cost of jeans you want your jeans to last forever, or at least until they go out of style. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your jeans looking their best for longer.

Holes in denim are a big fad right now. A great way to keep store bought holes or wear and tear holes from getting bigger is to apply a small amount of clear fingernail polish to the edge of the hole. Warning: don’t go overboard with the nail polish too much or the hole will be scratchy when the polish dries. If you put on too much polish, a small amount of polish remover can help remove the nail polish, but beware of the remover. Test on an unseen part of the denim as it might have an effect on the dye in the jeans.

To ensure the dye in the jeans look the best, never washing your jeans is the best way to go. The less you wash your jeans the better. The best way is to hand wash them. Soak the jeans in laundry detergent water. Let the jeans sit in the soapy water for a bit, then gently agitate the jeans, allowing the water to move through the fabric. Never scrub your jeans. Scrubbing causes the fibers to become weak, resulting in holes and fading of the color dye. Rinse jeans three times to make sure all the soap comes out. If you decide to wash your jeans in the washing machine, turn them inside out. Wash on gentle cycle in cold water.


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