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Constant emotional abuse from one person – or many people – can create feelings of hate in a person.  If you are dealing with these feelings, here are a few tips on how to heal without hating:

Step 1: Prayer. I pray for those who have hurt or abused me. I have also learned it is very difficult to hate someone that you are praying for.

Step 2: Counsel. I reached out and received help when I realized I needed it.

Step 3: Confront. At the proper time, I went to both of my parents individually and confronted them and how they had effected my life. We must learn to confront the people in our lives that have hurt us.

Step 4: Release. Once I confronted my past and my pain, I then had to learn to let it go.

Step 5: Forgive. Forgiving is a big step in the healing process. We must also face whether we have “pardoned” someone with complete forgiveness or “paroled” them, where the forgiveness has conditions.

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