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The past few weeks I have been dealing with the realities of my love life … it sucks.  Seems like this isn’t just a season I am experiencing as many women in my circle are also experiencing similar things.  For some of us it is a time of realization.  We are are realizing that the thing we thought would last forever really was never meant to be.  For some of us it is realizing that people have to move on with their lives and it has nothing to do with us, but with us, they can’t reach their destiny.  And for some it is just realizing that you have to let something go before it can ever fully be yours.

During this time I have turned to music to help me cope. I have gone from listening to Monica and Keyshia Cole to old school classics like Miki Howard and Angela Winbush (prompted by their TVOne Unsung specials).

I found this YouTube playlist with some great love songs …  ones that expressed my hurt, pain and frustration. You can check it out … and let me know which songs you would add.