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Former track superstar Marion Jones has written a book titled “On The Right Track” which features an apology for the mistakes she made that led to a six-month jail sentence.

In addition to taking performance-enhancing drugs, Jones lied to a federal prosecutors and ended up serving time.

Jones says she spent a quarter of her sentence in solitary confinement as punishment for fighting and during her press tour has stated remorse for lying to prosecutors.

“I went to federal prison because I lied. That’s my crime,” Jones told the AP. “I could look back and I can say, ‘Gosh, I wish I wouldn’t have been so trusting.’ But I really wish I wouldn’t have lied. That’s my regret.”

Jones was stripped of her five track and field medals won in the 2000 Summer Olympics for being part of the BALCO scandal that involves Barry Bonds and others.

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