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VIA Creative Loafing

In the last month or so, there’s been a ton of drama surrounding the Penguin and the soon-to-be open Diamond restaurant in Plaza-Midwood. Basically, most of the Penguin staff will move to Diamond restaurant when it opens early next month. There were calls on Twitter and Facebook to boycott the Penguin once it changes ownership. Read this story for more details about that saga.

I don’t care who owns the Penguin. I’m excited about the new Diamond restaurant. Masterminds Andy Kastanas (Soul, Forum, Cosmos), Jimmy King and Brian Rowe (The Penguin) and John Fuller (a member of the rock band Player/Kommander) partnered to re-open Diamond. The restaurant dates back to the 1940s, and was once one of the city’s most popular diners. The new owners are renovating the diner at Commonwealth near Pecan, but keeping its ’40s feel and down-home menu. They will to offer vegan and vegetarian dishes. The best part? Diamond will be open 24-7. Finally, we will have a place that will replace Athens, which was the late-night eatery before it closed.

Read the full-story about the Diamond in this week’s Creative Loafing.

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