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We never feel sexy when we we’re in our sneakers sweating it out on the elliptical machine or running on the treadmill. Granted, we know that exercise is supposed to increase and boost sexual pleasure, so imagine how we felt when we came across this article on how pole dancing can give us a better body and allow us to forego the crunches and step-ups.

Here are some very real reasons why more of us should get on the pole:

Sweating in Stilettos

Pole dancing classes offer women the opportunity to let loose and have fun while toning their bodies and increasing their core strength. (Swinging your entire body around a pole works your abs like nothing else, or so I’m told.) Students are encouraged to wear sexy attire, like platform heels and stripper shorts, to really get in the mood and get into the movements, but you can usually wear more modest shorts and tank tops, too. But once the music starts playing and everyone else starts dancing and writhing to the beat, it’s possible that you won’t care as much about what or how much you’re wearing.