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It was 1998 or 1999 and I was in the ricka sto (where they sell Sam Cooke albums) with my linesister and I picked up a CD by an unknown named Jill Scott.  The title of the album was “Who Is Jill Scott?” and I really was wondering.  The CD was only $6.99 so I decided to take a chance on it … and boy was I glad I did. I fell in love at first listen and have been a fan of Ms. Jill since that day.

Since that time, I have purchased every Jill Scott album … and her music accompanies some of my fondest memories.  When I listen to her music I remember picnics in the park, new love, special times with friends and meeting someone who would eventually hold a special place in my life while singing and dancing to “Hate On Me.”

Whew … good times. It is safe to say that Jill Scott and her songs would have a prominent position in the Soundtrack Of My Life.

This song … well … it just crossed my mind as one of the songs that would be included.

What songs would you include in your life’s soundtrack?