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VIA: www.theurbandaily.com


Prince is set to debut a brand new song, “Cause And Effect,” on Minneapolis radio on Friday, February 26th.

National Public Radio station The Current, 89.3 FM in Minneapolis will debut a brand new song from the legendary funk/rock/pop/soul/you-name-it musician this Friday  at 7AM.  It’s unknown whether or not the song is a single from a new album, or just a one-off.

From The Current’s website:

The song is called “Cause and Effect,” and it’s a rocker – filled with virtuosic guitar work, explosive drum breaks, a poppy chorus, trademark shrieks and whoops, some intriguing lyrics (”if I had the chance to do it all again / I wouldn’t change a thing except my next of kin”) and a call to mankind (”you need compassion”). Opening with Prince’s classic pop smarts, the last minute of the tune swerves into a propulsive minor key guitar/strings/drum workout like we haven’t heard from him in years.

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