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It’s the middle of the week, closing near the weekend. And, I’ve got this week’s featured model who’ll keep breathless until then.

Please meet sexy ripped caramel goodness, Xavisus Gayden. This thirty-year old was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Houston and Monroe, Louisiana. He admits that he attended high school in Mangham, Louisiana. After high school, Xavisus enrolled in the U.S. Marines and has been active ever since. He currently lives in southern California. He has two daughters Aaniyah and Aamiyah Gayden. Xavisus told me, “They are the reason I stay focused.”

Xavisus got into modeling after he was discovered by Mr. Dean, (not this author), in Twentynine Palms, California. “He was a prior bodybuilder/model/actor and told me I can go even further than him,” Xavisus said. “In April/May of 2009 he saw me in the gym working out and said I had an incredible physique and that I would someday be a big star. At the time my focus was on my daughters, but I agreed to work with him so I could stay sane.”

Xavisus is a U.S. Marine, a Natural Pro Bodybuilder, and has recently started focusing on acting. He is also into entertainment and producing local singers and rap artist.

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I asked Xavisus what he looks for in a woman and he said, “Well, having a level head would be one thing. She has to take care of herself in all aspects, and a little independent, but not too much.”

In his down time he said, “Besides the gym, LOL. I love to spend time with my daughters and family. I also love making music in my studio whether it’s a beat or just engineering.”

Xavisus is working on releasing a poster and a T-shirt, which will be available on his website at www.xavisus.com. He will also be featured in a 2011 calendar, and he has two local artists, as well as himself, that will be releasing an album under his label, Dubb Duece Entertainment. He’s also trying to seal two roles in two independent films and asked that you all wish him luck. The last thing is that he is entering bodybuilding and modeling competitions. If you want to see him compete, Xavisus will be at Musclemania California, October 17th and 23rd in San Diego, California. Also, he will be competing at Natural Olympia in Reno, Nevada, November 12-14th. As well as, Musclemania America in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 19-20th, and NPC Excalibur December 4th.

If you want to reach out and follow Xavisus, you can follow him on Facebook, HERE!

Enjoy the photos.