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The Time Warner BBQ & Blues took place in Charlotte this past weekend and it was designed for the carnivore lover!

I love BBQ so much that I think, dream and flirt with the idea of getting back to Kansas City to taste Gates & Sons BBQ that I grew up on.  It’s all about the pork rib and sliced beef brisket known in the Midwest, not to mention some of the best steak fries on the planet. The tomato base sauce that sits on top of this smoked filled meat has robust spice’s that dance around your tongue like a fast Cuban shuffle.

Many people feel the same way I do about being a carnivore, it’s a romance with the meat of choice when your taste buds get a hankering for the ultimate protein.  Call me nutty, but I plan my intake of large doses of meat.  I belly- up to a table of BBQ sanctioned competitions that take their smoked filled meats to another level.  The talented BBQ teams stay up all night to rub and manicure their investment that you can smell a mile away. They are so passionate that spending $60 to $75 to produce the best rack of ribs you’re ever tasted is protocol. No restaurant on this planet can touch the care and love that goes into these pieces of meat.

So what’s the pay-off for these master BBQ teams that travel miles and miles to get to the competitions on time, set up and rub and love on meat all night?  It’s bragging rights; it’s thousands of dollars in award money. It’s sponsorships who come on board just like race teams.  To be a competitor in this hog & beef world is expensive, tiring and a rich man’s sport.  You’ll be surprised to know that most teams have regular jobs. They compete on the weekends and do a 9 to 5 during the week.  Wow, what dedication!  That’s why I’m so dedicated to judging these fierce BBQ that comes across my plate and will always participate for the sake of the love I have for smoked meats!!!

If you can stomach the other white meat once a year, please take advantage of one of the best meat fest in the Queen City titled Blues Brews & BBQ now called the Time Warner Cable BBQ & Blues.  This past weekend we had the times of our lives….right Tonya Jammison….LOL????