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I will admit that when the first incident with the guns happened, I was on the free T.I. kick. I sympathized with him after he explained that he was in a constant state of paranoia after his friend was murdered in front of him. I understood how witnessing something like that could mess with a person’s psyche. Now, I am losing patience with T.I. and am all out of excuses for his behavior.  There is chance that T.I. may have to do more time after this recent incident with the drugs in the car. I am at the point now where aside from missing his music, I could care less if he has to serve any time again. Here is why:

His reformed bad boy act is just that… An act

Since T.I.’s release he has been on a campaign to let everyone know that he is reformed. He has learned his lesson. He has found a new path in life and that his family and career is his focus.  Clearly those were half truths as he still feels the need to engage in some of the same hood a** behavior that could land him in jail once again.

T.I. & Tameka Cottle Arrested

He invited trouble into his life.

I am not going to judge him or his wife for doing drugs. However, if you have to do drugs then do them in your home. Free from anyone spotting you, judging you, or arresting you. He is past the point in his life where he should be riding around smoking weed and popping X in his MAYBACH. Those two things shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

Superiority Complex

He like many other celebrities think that they are above all other human being and thus above the law. They feel that because they sing, dance, rap, play a sport etc that they should not have to abide by the rules of society. They assume that they should be privileged in that way.

He won’t stay out of trouble for his kids

If he is unwilling to stay out of trouble for himself or his career then the least he could do is consider his family. Consider his kids who were without their father for almost a year. Why put them through that ugly scene again? It is painfully obvious in T.I.’s case that no amount of money, success, and accolades are going to make him mature any time soon. Perhaps the initial jail sentence was a joke to him. An experience that he did not take as seriously as he claimed.

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