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On Sept. 4, 2010, The Smallwood/Five Points community will be celebrating its 6th Annual 200 SMALLWOOD REUNION, I VOTE 2010 Drive. With NO Media, News, or Radio coverage, this reunion draws 300+ families to enjoy free music, food, and prizes!!

The 200 SMALLWOOD REUNION started 6 years ago, just as a community cookout. Later, current and past members of the community realized there were needs in the community that needed to be addressed such as dilapidated houses, health screenings, crime awareness, and other essential requests.

This year we plan to do more and truly make a difference in the Smallwood/Five Points community and the City of Charlotte. The Alumni Boys & Girls Club will have sign-ups for youths, The Fykes Foundation and United Healthcare will offer screenings, the Char-Meck Police & Fire Dept 5 will be on hand, Campus Cuts Coupons, activities for our youth, food, drinks, live bands, and for the first time we will bring the voices of those 300 + families to join the political process by, registering voters.

In fact, did you know that Charlotte N.C. is one of the host cities contending for the 2012 Democratic National Convention? In addition to standing behind Mayor Anthony Foxx’s vision of Charlotte hosting the DNC (Democratic National Convention) in 2012, a free concert & rally will be given in support of, CHARLOTTE In 2012.

More info: Claudette Barber, 704-620-0345, contact200SmallWood@Yahoo.com