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This weekend Nicki Minaj and Drake released a Tweet about them getting married and never being ashamed of their love. Needless to say no one believed them, well some of the naive might have. The rest of were left wondering… Why? Here is the thing, I don’t necessarily mind when celebs play tricks on the media or do lame acts in order to generate a buzz. But if you are a celebrity that is not in need of life support on your career then there is no need to go there. Doing so actually makes you appear to be desperate and greedy for attention. In the case of Nicki Minaj and Drake, some don’t understand why they would pull such a prank.

Both celebs are on top of their game. Whether you like Nicki Minaj and her Samurai warrior video or not, you have to admit that she is the most popular female rapper at this present time. If you are equally bored of Drake’s melancholy raps or love them, he still is the most popular male rapper out right now. Well, next to his self proclaimed alien leader Lil Wayne.

So what was the point of the Twitter pseudo marriage announcement made by both artists? That is just it, there was no REAL point. Artists, no matter the height of their popularity, are often told to pull stunts like this by their management whenever there are quiet moments in their careers. By quiet, I mean they do not have an album being released or a single. There is nothing new going on with them. This does not mean that they have fallen off in any way, it just means that no one is talking about them in a good or bad way presently. If you are an artist then the last thing you want is for people to not be talking about you all the time.  I don’t care what any artist tells you, they all love it. This is why Beyonce, despite her being on a self imposed break released the single “Why Don’t You Love Me”. She subsequently released a video.

Did Nicki Minaj And Drake Get Married?

Unfortunately for these artists some of their fans don’t mind when they take a break. In fact they encourage it so that they will not become bored with their favorite rapper or singer. Some people were actually annoyed and even angered by the mock Twitter love affair confirmation. Personally, I simply do not want to see them tumble down the road of lame publicity stunts in order to keep the hype around them going. It screams desperation. No one respects desperation.

For those that were excited by the possibility of Drake and Nicki Minaj’s endless love, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m sure some were out shopping for colorful wigs for toddlers and other adornments and this news is going to break their hearts.

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